Penetrating the Impenetrable Kyte

Break In…

The adventurers eventually gained ingress to the Kyte by stowing away aboard a skyship bringing supplies to the island fortress. Using a diversion provided by their paladin allies, the heroes fought their way out of the fortress and down into the underbelly of the compound. They braved traps, puzzles, and vicious beasts; they soon found their way deep into the Gut where they came face-to-face with the Grell sorcerer Murthwaite d’Orescieu.

At Last, Peace

Murthwaite had been experimenting on the prisoners of the Kyte, using fell magics to twist and shape them into foul aberrant creatures. He had dissected Orsik, the subject of Avram’s quest, for purposes unknown. The adventurers let him go, however, in exchange for the location of their quarry and a magnificent skyship. As Murthwaite made his escape, they descended ever further into the tunnels beneath the surface. Before long they found Jorok Stone. He had been horribly tortured for weeks, kept alive by magical means. In his last moments, Stone was able to explain to them his reasons for fleeing as he did: dispatched by the Archaelogical Society – an organization wrapped around the finger of the Five Families – Stone found an artifact in the mines below Fort Pythis: a small white rock. Upon touching it, the rock showed him visions of incalculable destruction and he knew its purpose. The artifact was part of a great weapon that, when assembled, once tore the world apart. It spoke to him of its two mates: one in the possession of Lucius of the Llyria, and one hidden in a ziggurat in the Salt Flats. The latter is currently in the possession of Ordell of Kyriel. Stone finally revealed that he had hidden the Pythis artifact with his uncle Craddock Stone, who the adventurers had met some time previously living in the Outer Quarter of the Shining City.

Break Out!

After sending Stone to his final rest, the adventurers were confronted by the terrible Warden of the Kyte: a Kyton demon of no small power. A lengthy duel ensued that nearly cost them everything, but through teamwork and clever tactics the adventurers won the day. The Warden was killed, leaving behind only his hellish chains. The adventurers made their escape on Murthwaite’s skyship, returning to the surface to rescue the remaining three paladin survivors. As they sailed to freedom, however, they turned back to see explosions rock the island. The Kyte, sabotaged by the paladins, toppled out of the sky and crushed much of the City of Chains below. At that moment the adventurers looked out across the Salt Flats and saw Azalus’ army on the march toward the shattered city, intent on sweeping across the Dominion and scouring it of life. The heroes are faced with a choice: with the three pieces of this dangerous weapon so close together, it is only a matter of time before they are recovered by the Five Families. Do they stay and defend the City of Chains from the bloodthirsty army at its doorstep? Or do they return to the Shining City and stop Israfel’s father from assembling this terrible weapon?



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