The Search for Stone

The first quest.

A band of adventurers were drawn to the once-prosperous mining town of Fort Pythis by the promise of easy riches. They have been hired by Ordell of Kyriel to bring, alive, the adventurer Jorok Stone to his employers at the Archaeological Society. Stone had last been seen taking his band of mercenaries to a nearby mine.

On the way they were beset by a small band of goblin bandits, who were swiftly dealt with.

When they arrived, the adventurers found the mine bereft of life. Someone, presumably Stone and his men, had swept through and slaughtered the kobolds who had taken up residence there. Proceeding further they triggered a cave-in which revealed a hitherto unexplored portion of the mine.

Lit by ancient magiks, the new portion of the dungeon was never part of any mine. Built by careful artificers, the true purpose of the vault the adventurers found themselves in was never ascertained, as the item that it guarded had been removed by Stone.

The adventurer’s followed Stone’s trail to the Shining City where they discovered that Stone had travelled west, toward the desert. Close behind, the adventurers pursued stone to the gates of an ancient monastery. When they entered the building, however, they found that all inside had been slain, and a gruesome trophy of a bleached human ribcage had been erected. When our heroes attempted to investigate, they were set upon by villainous goblinoids, and, outnumbered and out-gunned, were captured and taken to the desert fortress of a band of dragon-born rebels, where they were held captive. The leader of the dragonborn – a charismatic and powerful fellow by the name of Azalus – confided to Arloch that he was, in fact, Arloch’s nest-brother, and had been preparing an army to launch a massive assault on the Dominion. Arloch played along until he was able to free his compatriots and they fled into the desert.

They wandered for days, following the mysterious sound of a horn through the endless wastes. The party eventually caught up with Stone inside a massive ziggurat hidden beneath the sun-bleached sands. However they were unable to find any answers as Stone was spirited away by Ordell to the City of Chains, and our heroes were left (once again) to die in the desert. Miraculously they found their way through the unmapped wastes to the city where, it was ascertained, Stone was being held in The Kyte, a massive island fortress floating thousands of meters above the ground.

While waiting for an opportune moment to free the dwarven adventurer who holds the key to unlocking the doings of the nefarious Ordell, our heroes made a name for themselves in the fighting pits of the City of Chains, besting many a fearsome adversary. They also helped out a local hippogriff trainer by capturing some hippogriff eggs, and aided the local city guard by ferreting out a group of orc bandits to the north, sparing only the children – who may one day return, seeking vengeance. But now the hour grows near when our heroes must free their quarry from the most heavily-guarded prison in the Dominion.



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