Avram Toth

A former slave master who now seeks to redeem himself


Level 8 Tiefling Warlord (Tactical Warlord)

Personality Traits: A former slave master, Avram was changed when escaping slaves spared his life rather than take vengeance. He now seeks to right wrongs whever he can, and redeem his former actions by risking his life as an adventurer.

Mannerisms and Appearance: A dedicated scholar and debater, Avram loves knowledge and learning. He applies these talents to games of strategy, but also real life combats.

Companions and Allies: Avram has always had allies at hand – whether his former thugs or adventuring companions. As a result, he thinks little of personal skills, and sees potential in groups rather than individuals. His allies will find him reliable to a fault.


A former slavemaster who lost his holdings when his slaves revolted, Avram was allowed to keep his wretched life by Orsik, an elderly Dragonborn and life-long slave who preached tolerance over revenge. Moved, Avram resolved to redeem himself for his past transgressions.

Upon recieving word that Orsik was being kept in the Kyte, Avram allied himself with Israfel, Arloch and Alauril and masterminded a daring jailbreak. All was for naught as Orsik was discovered dead for some time, dissected by the villainous Grell sorcerer Murthwaite d’Orescieu.

After the fall of the Kyte and the destruction of the City of Chains, Avram opted to stay behind and coordinate the evacuation. When that is finished, he is resolved to hunt down Murthwaite and avenge the death of Orsik.

Avram Toth

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