Jorok Stone

A courageous, pragmatic, and very elusive agent of the Archaeological Society.


Bald and clean-shaven. Wears distinctive black masterwork leathers. Last seen looking haggard and exhausted, as if he had known neither peace nor sleep for weeks.


Stone was dispatched by the Archaeological Society to explore an abandoned mine near Fort Pythis. His companions were all killed by the traps and creatures that protected the caves, though Stone himself managed to escape with whatever artifact the ruins once held. He fled to the Salt Flats where he was encountered in a mysterious ziggurat attempting to liberate a small white stone. He was apprehended by Ordell and brought to the Kyte, the impenetrable prison at the City of Chains.

When he was finally found, Stone had been seemingly tortured for weeks by the Warden of the Kyte. Upon revealing all he knew to the adventurers, they ended his suffering and granted him a dignified death.

Jorok Stone

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