Gleaming admantine armour over glittering ruby scales, sinewy tattered wings and eyes that betray a hatred that burns hot enough to ignite the world.


Eight feet tall, scales of ruby, tattered wings sprouting from his back. Never seen without his ornate adamantine armour trimmed in gold. Bears a striking resemblance to Arloch


Azalus was encountered as the charismatic and well-spoken leader of a band of free Dragonborn and goblin-kin that captured the adventurers and brought them to their camp in the Salt Flats. Initially suspicious of the outsiders, Azalus immediately recognized Arloch as his nest-brother.

Taking him into his confidence, Azalus confessed to Arloch his hatred of the nepotistic Inferran Dominion and his desire to destroy it utterly, allowing the downtrodden Dragonborn and goblin-kin to start a new empire. Put off by Azalus’ savage nature, Arloch refused and masterminded his comrades’ escape from the camp.

Azalus was last seen cursing his brother’s name and promsing that, should they meet again, Arloch would recieve no mercy from Azalus and his army.


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