Jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. A handsome crusader with a war to fight.


Cador was about to be put to death for heresy when he was rescued by Israfel and his companions. An admitted Paladin of the Dragon God (and in fact the leader of their number within the Shining City), Cador eventually repaid the adventurers’ kindness by training Arloch in the ways of their order.

Later he was encountered in the City of Chains. He and the adventurers found themselves with similar goals when they discovered they both needed to get inside the supposedly impenetrable Kyte fortress: the adventurers to extract Jorok Stone and Cador to free some of his captured comrades.

Cador and his soldiers, at the suggestion of the adventurers, hid inside a skyship bound for the Kyte to deliver supplies to the fortress. Upon being discovered he and his comrades created enough of a distraction for the adventurers to slip into the underground tunnels beneath the fortress more or less unnoticed.

Upon escaping the Kyte, it was revealed that Cador and his paladins had used the heroes as a means of gaining access to the Kyte. They loaded it with carefully placed explosives and destroyed it, dropping the floating island on the city far below, and clearing the way for Azalus’ army to occupy what remained. As punishment Cador was thrown from the deck of their skyship to his death.


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