picking pockets, backflipping and backstabbing




Alauril, the son of a noble Eladrin family famed for its level-headed sorcerers and swordsmen, is anything but. Though undeniably cunning and intelligent, he tends to leap before looking, rushing headlong into danger in a flurry of blades. Though his quick wits and nimble fingers are quite useful in the dangerous world of adventuring, they were decidedly frowned upon by his family. And that’s where all the trouble began.

Cursed from birth with an inquisitive mind and a lack of patience with the slow life found within his family’s estate, Alauril turned his attention towards daredevil stunts and pranks that were most unseemly for his family reputation. While many of his friends learned the traditional longsword and pole-arm forms and disciplines the Eladrin warriors had used for generations, Alauril was more interested in messing about in the servant’s quarters or the common streets outside the gates of the estate. Though no slouch with a sword, he fought in a wild and reckless manner, looked down upon by the instructors and peers. Eventually his father’s dissatisfaction with him came when he interrupted an important meeting with Tiefling family heads by being thrown through the door by the city guards, who had caught him snatching shiny baubles from the merchants below. Pushed to his tipping point, his father cast him out of the family, stripping him of his name and status. “If ever our paths cross again, you will not be my son. You will most likely be under arrest. Get out of my sight!” Though hurt by the loss of his family, Alauril was no longer tied down to the estate. Taking what he needed from the merchants on the streets, he led a life of petty crime in the city, until he met Gallindan.

A scoundrel and trickster, Gallindan was just like Alauril. The two formed a bond instantly, and before he knew it, Alauril had left the city with Gal and his band of thieves to see what wealth they could find on the road. Living a life of lighthearted crime, the outlaws went for bigger and bigger scores each day. After almost a year of living on the road, they had settled down formed a base of operations in the plains town of Imelda. There, they amassed a greater and greater horde of riches, all without the townspeople truly knowing just what their stock and trade was. However, one night, a careless escape led investigators hired by the ruling Eladrin families back to the settlement.

The people of Imelda had been suspicious of Gallindan and his friends at the best of times, and the appearance of bounty hunters only made things worse. Gallindan decided that it would be best if the band of friends left the town, and it would be even better if nobody in the town told anybody where they were headed. In fact, he would make sure nobody would even be able to. As Alauril and the outlaws packed what treasures they could for their departure, Gal’s quietest man slipped away and emptied a vile potion into the village well. The next morning, the outlaws were gone. Within three days, everybody in the village was dead.

Alauril was horrified by what had happened. He had enjoyed the freedom of this lifestyle, and he had loved the adventures and clashes with watchmen and guards, but this was too far. He was no murderer of innocents. As Gallindan laughed in his face, he walked away from their troupe. Alauril decided to get as far away from Gal and his murderers as he could, and he pledged to turn himself around and do his best to stop such atrocities from happening again. He traveled to the frontiers of Inferra, where he found a fresh start, and a new crew of like-minded adventurers to travel with.

Lighthearted and full of laughter, Alauril hides many secrets behind his smile. Quick and cunning, he is able to strike from the shadows and cut down his foes before they know what has hit them. Alauril is someone you want on your side, even if it means having his fingers a little closer to your pockets.


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