Short and scrawny; sullen and silent


Four and a half feet tall and skinny, even for an orcling.


Osken hails from the tribe that Israfel, Arloch and Alauril put to the sword at the behest of the garrison at the City of Chains. With the collapse of the Kyte, the three companions were hailed by the Orc great-chief. Osken was part of the deal they struck that day – in Orc culture, the children of defeated tribes are fostered and raised as equals in the conquerors’.

Osken never spoke (or refused to), but followed orders well enough. When Israfel – who shielded the boy with his body – fell to the vanguard of Azalus’ invading army, Osken fought to defend him long enough for the party to staunch his wounds and make a retreat. Gored by a hound, Osken was badly hurt.


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