Hailing from the harsh Mudflats in the southwest of the Dominion, dwarves are a race of nomadic people with a society that is steeped in tradition. They are a close-knit people with large families: two dwarf strangers meeting for the first time often discover that they are distant cousins. Even dwarves that were born and raised in the large Dominion settlements often have relatives in the caravans of the south.

Dwarves in their homeland wear loose-fitting clothing and keep their hair and beards cut short. Some dwarves sport tattoos to indicate their bloodline. They worship their own pantheon of gods. This practice, while not condoned by the theocracy, is tolerated due to the dwarves’ tendency to rarely prosteltyze to outsiders.

In their inhospitable homeland they travel in caravans, trading with the farmers who eke out a living and the travellers from the lands outside. Dwarves are skilled crafstmen and artisans and their cloths, artwork, and steel are often in high demand by Dominion traders.

Many young dwarves reject the monotony of their nomadic lives and strike out for the larger villages or Cities of the Dominion in the hopes of a better life. Those with some small talent can often find work as craftsmen of some kind.


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