Fort Pythis


Fort Pythis was once a mining town erected over a rich vein of Crystal found in the then-Wild Wastes. To protect the miners and their quarry a garrison of troops was stationed there, which eventually led to decent economic growth. The mines are long-dry and the fort is no longer a strategic point for the standing army, but the established trade routes remain. A small garrison at Fort Pythis keep the peace, rendering it a fairly safe haven.


Fort Pythis’ main feature is its Fort. The garrison of the Fort keeps the peace among the folk who live there and keep them safe from any incursions from the relatively safe outdoors. The town boasts several large Inns and Hostels for those moving to-and-fro, a decent sized marketplace where most anything reasonable can be bought and a large temple to the Silverchain.


Population: approx 1000. Most of the permanent villagers are soldiers or workers attached to the standing army. The rest are either merchants or retired miners that stayed when the mine closed. Roughly 1 km in diameter, the settlement is enclosed by a stockade of sharpened logs. Six arterial roads run through the town, intersecting at the town square – home to the renowned marketplace and the town’s well.

Notable NPCs Met

Fort Pythis

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