A continent with many geographical features from arid deserts in the west to vast, frigid tundras in the south. Between these two extremes there are several large temperate forests, several mountain ranges and a large expanse of salt and mud flats. Most of the area is farmed despite being inhospitable.

Most of Inferra is composed of sawgrass flats and rocky highlands. Farmland is plentiful yet rarely fruitful, as the rains come rarely and the soil is unforgiving. The clime is temperate, but the farther south one travels the colder and more barren it grows. South of the Sawtooth Mountains lie the cold damp Mudflats where little grows and predatory creatures run rampant. Beyond that lie the Wastes, an expanse of tundra and glaciers.

The settled regions of Inferra are called the Dominion, and are ruled and unified by a body called the Governance that is run by the Five Families. The borders of the Dominion are expansive yet ever-changing, as the wilderness has a peculiar penchant for creeping back in to settled territory. As such, the denizens of Inferra fight a constant battle against nature.

Inferra is bordered by inhospitable ocean thought unsailable on the east shore, and a large uncharted desert called the Salt Flats at the western reaches of mapped territory. Next to nothing is known about the lands beyond the deserts and tundras as they are thought to be impassible.


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