The Justicar is the mate of the Overseer. Sitting at the right hand of the Overseer, she rules over chance and the punishment of criminals.

It is said that when she was mortal, the Justicar was the lover of the Overseer. Slain in battle, the Overseer embarked on a quest to find the land of the dead and pull her from its wailing pits. Though he succeeded, the Justicar was forced to leave her eyes behind in the underworld. Though blind she scoured the world for her murderer, and it is said that he suffers to this day for his crimes.

While lip-service is paid to the Justicar by clerics and courts all over the Dominion, the priests that truly venerate her are part of a holy order called the Exquisitives. They are devoted to the pursuit and execution of justice before all else, hunting down criminals in the sight of the gods and meting out punishment where they believe it is due.

The Justicar is represented as a young woman with bandaged eyes. Her holy symbol is a silver disc emblazoned with an executioner’s axe.


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