The Overseer is the first among the gods. With his mate, the Justicar at his side, he rules over magic, cities, laws, and the skies. His eyes are the sun and the moon – one is gold, and the other iron.

The clerics teach that the Overseer was once a mortal, the last of his people, who came to Inferra with his companions across the desert from a dying land far to the west. His unmatched wisdom and temperence led him to unite the disparate tribes, and the Five Families are said to be the direct descendents of those who walked in the Overseer’s earthly presence.

It is written that the Overseer’s wisdom was so great that he transcended death and rose into the heavens with his companions to govern Tieflings and men justly forever more.

He is represented by the figure of a man crafted entirely of glass but for one eye of gold and the other of iron. His holy symbol is a glass pendant with a gold and an iron bead.


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