Shining City


In the center of the Dominion lies Ylysum, the Shining City: jewel of the lands, seat of the Governance, and hub for most of the trade that goes through Inferra. Its great temples contrast with its squalid slums. It is organized literally by height; the city is built into the sheer cliff face, and the richest and most prosperous districts are higher up.


The Terrace

Characterised by its hanging gardens and opulent architecture, the Terrace is the highest point of the city: a residential district that houses the Five Families, as well as a number of other successful denizens. The vast majority of the lodgers in the Terrace are highborn.

Crystal Quarter

Just below the Terrace lies the Crystal Quarter, a bustling arterial sector that houses most of the features that make the city tick. The city’s outpost of the Doors Guild is here, as well as the world-famous marketplace where anything can be sold to the highest bidder. This district also houses one of the more prosperous schools of magic, the Qorio College. Lodgings can be found here for those wealthy enough to avoid the slums, but unlucky enough to be of low birth.

Cleric’s Quarter

Religious hub of the city, this district houses the famous temples to the gods. A grand cathedral, largest in the world, dedicated to the glory of the Overseer can be found here, as well as the House of Sentence where the Governance meets. The city’s sizable barracks are located here as well. The main gate of the city leads here.

Outer Quarter

Just outside the city walls proper lies the Outer Quarter, home to the working class and the destitute. Little Mudflats, an unoffical dwarf settlement, is located here.

Lower Quarter

The outskirts of the Outer Quarter are lawless and dangerous. The undesirables who are refused at the gate usually end up here, as do the criminals lucky enough to be exiled.

Shining City

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