The Kyte

The most prominent feature of the City of Chains was the Kyte, a massive floating fortress-prison.

The Kyte was held suspended in the sky by ancient and complex magics, anchored to the ground by chains whose links are ten feet across, and whose length spans miles into the sky. The Kyte was the most infamous prison in all of Inferra, and for good reason. After all, even if a prisoner was to escape – an unprecedented occurrence – where would they go? There is nowhere to run except into the welcoming embrace of the sky, and the equally welcoming embrace of the earth a thousand feet below.

The Kyte was home to the most dangerous, hardened criminals in the Dominion and all those who speak out too loudly against the established order of the ruling Five Families and their pantheon.

After a daring attempted jailbreak by a band of adventurers and their paladin allies the Kyte was rocked by a series of explosions and plummetted out of the sky, crushing the City below.

The Kyte

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