Haughty and composed, Eladrin are otherworldly fey that maintain their own kingdom north of the Dominion sharing the unmappable lands known as the Wildes with the Elves and other creatures.

The cities of the Eladrin nobles are called Feyspires, consisting of dwellings surrounding a central tower or ancient hollowed-out tree. A plethora of smaller Eladrin settlements surround each Feyspire, their denizens owing fealty to the local lord in return for protection from the dangers of the surrounding wilderness. Each Eladrin lord holds a title dependent on their age, standing and domain – such as Ghaele, Bralani, or Coure. Collectively the Eladrin society is referred to by the Governance as the Protectorate.

The Five Families, while loathe to suffer any rule but theirs within their lands, are powerless to move against the Eladrin nobles as any attempt to map the Wildes has failed. Diplomatic discource with the Protectorate is ongoing and often strained. While Dominion agents have encountered Eladrin villages, they are often unable to find them more than once. No uninvited Dominion agent has ever found a Feyspire.

For this reason most Tieflings consider Eladrin with business in the Dominion to be honoured ambassadors rather than risk the ire of a foe whose resources are completely unknown.


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