Elves in Inferra are almost universally disliked and mistrusted. They have no ancestral kingdom or home to band them together, so Elven society is almost nonexistent. Elves tend to be solitary, assimilated into the melting pot of whatever culture they attempt to make their homes in.

Elves are thought to be the descendents of the first unions between Eladrin and man. Eladrin consider them to be peasantry at best and vulgar mockeries of Eladrin perfection at worst. In the Dominion Elves have a reputation as criminals and barbarians.

Elves tend to live in the larger Dominion cities or Eladrin holdings. There are a few Elven settlements in the Wildes, the last attempt by a dying people to reclaim their culture. A few Elves have even been seen living among the Dwarven caravans in Mudflats.

Due to their scarcity, Elves often have trouble finding partners and spouses. As Elves become less common, Half Elves become more and more common. Many Elves suspect that their race will die out soon.

Because of their standing as social pariahs, many Elves turn to adventuring as a way to make ends meet.


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