Goblin Kin

Goblin-kin is an (inaccurate) all-encompassing term used in the Dominion to refer to Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Orcs and Half-Orcs.

While Goblins and Bugbears are kin (Bugbears are particularly large and muscular Goblins occuring roughly once every thirty births), Hobgoblins are only distant relatives of Goblins; Orcs are unrelated.

Goblins and Bugbears have a rudimentary society, squatting in caves or abandoned towns until they use up whatever resources are nearby. They have a large presence in Dominion lands, living in the lawless areas between townships, and often eke out a living raiding minor roads and settlements. The Governance has a standing bounty on Goblins in an effort to curb these raids, but their sheer numbers and fecundity mean there always seem to be more than the bounty hunters can catch.

Hobgoblins are considerably smarter and better organized than their Goblin cousins. They have several large, well-defended settlements within Dominion territory as well as a few bands of nomadic raiders based in the Salt Flats and the Wastes. While the vast majority of Hobgoblins make their living as thieves and raiders, a few leave their bands and seek an honest living in civilization.

Orcs are relative newcomers to the Dominion. Several decades ago a large army of them swept out of the Wildes and attempted to take the City of Chains, only to be beaten back by the army and several bands of mercenaries. Since then they are often sighted camped among the mountains in the north, though they have not moved against the Dominion since. A few Orcs have found their way past the City and have entered Dominion lands. These Orcs seek employment as enforcers or labourers, and a few bring their unique skills as craftsmen and artisans. Many Orcs are independent adventurers. Half-orcs have begun to appear in the Dominion in recent years, heralding the eventual assimilation of the Orcs into the culture.

Goblin Kin

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