This vehicle was captured from the Kyte shortly before it was destroyed.

It is a small luxury skiff with quarters for five, though about ten could probably bed down aboard rather uncomfortably. Its lumber is of a rich lustrous dark-purple and its railings are trimmed with gold. A pair of wings extend from twin masts at the rear, unfolding perpendicular to the hull and paralell to the ground below to fill with magical wind. The figurehead is an intricately carved dragon with its wings spread wide. A permanent teleportation circle is inscribed into the topmost deck.

The skyship is controlled by a series of arcane glyphs that can be manipulated to fine-tune heading and pitch. In situations requiring fine control a second crewman is needed to assist the pilot. Long-distance courses must be laid in with the dials and levers that litter the bridge.

At this point, the intricate workings of the skyship escape you.

Game Stats

Huge Vehicle

HP 350 Space 3 Squares by 6 Squares

AC 4 Fortitude 20 Reflex 2

Speed 0, Fly 13 (hover), Overland Flight 18


The pilot must stand at a control wheel, typically at the front of the topmost deck of the airship cabin.


In addition to the pilot, an airship requires a crew of one, who uses a standard action each round to help control the vessel. Reduce the ship’s speed by 9 for a missing crew member.


Ten Medium creatures; five tons of cargo.

Out of Control

An out-of-control airship moves forward at half speed. Each round, it has a 50% chance of descending. It descends 5 squares for the first 10 rounds it is out of control. After 10 rounds, it descends 10 squares per round. An out-of-control airship that hits the ground after descending more than 20 squares is destroyed.


The airship’s cabin has three decks plus a topside observation platform and bridge: the deck, a middle deck with quarters for passengers, and a lower cargo hold and engine room.

Fragile Propulsion

For every 25 damage the airship takes, its speed is reduced by 3 squares. At fly speed 0, the ship is unable to travel and floats out of control.


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