Dragon God

Also known as Azidahaka the Everwyrm, the Dragon-God is a controversial figure in the pantheon of the Dominion.

The Paladins teach that he created all dragonkind, from the mightiest great wyrm to the hatchling. But the humans with whom the Dragonkind shared the world looked upon the dragons with fear and hatred. And Azidahaka so loved his people that he fused the forms of Dragon and Men, and thus were born the Dragonborn. The Dragon god hoped this half-race would bridge the gap between the peoples – but it was not to be. The Dragonborn were loved no better than their kin – indeed, the humanoids saw them as Abominations, no better than cattle to be enslaved. And so it was that the Dragon-God turned his back on the world of Men, filled with sorrow.

In the Dominion, worship of the Dragon-God is seen as dangerous heresy. There are a few isolated pockets of dragon-god worship in the larger cities, but the paladins of the Dragon-God are hunted without mercy. In the Wild Wastes, the dragon-born rebels led by the mad general Azalus venerate Azidahaka.

Azidahaka preaches cunnning and bravery as primary virtues. Most of the scriptures are lost, and what dogma remains is heavily interpreted by the various sects.

Dragon God

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