Once, the Dragonborn were the heirs of a mighty empire. But no longer. Ages ago, their Empire was shattered by calamity. None now know what caused the destruction of the dragonborn empire – though some sages say it was the same calamity that created the Salt Flats. The dragonborn themselves seem to have forgotten, and no surviving records of the time exist.

What is known is what the dragonborn are today. The vast majority of them have ended up slaves to the Dominion, used as manual labor, domestic servants, gladiators, and occasionally bodyguards or soldiery. Dragonborn are regarded with boundless contempt by most citizens of the Dominion, gaining a reputation for laziness, stupidity, and bestial appetites.

This reputation is not helped by the free dragonborn, who exist as a few scattered clans of outcasts in the wilds beyond the dominion, savage barbarians who raid border settlements for sport and plunder. These, however, are isolated incidents, and the Governance insists that the Dragonborn pose no threat.

But lately, whispers have begun of ‘The Unifier’, born a slave, who escaped to the wilds and even now unites his people. They say he has gained access to the secrets of his ancient lineage, yea unto the ancient fallen empire itself. They say he has gathered an army of savages to him, and that he plans to bring about the ruin of those who once enslaved his people. They say … but the people do talk, don’t they?


Inferra JeremyLarge