1000+BDE – Inferra is wild and uncivilized. Dragons and their kin are the dominant power.

c500BDE – Dwarves are forced out of their fabled suberranean cities by an unspecified scourge.

480BDE – The gods arrive in Inferra from across the desert.

478BDE – The gods lead the smallfolk in war against the dragonborn. Their cities are leveled, their culture eradicated, and their people enslaved.

221BDE – Ylysum, which will become the Shining City, is established.

200BDE-0DR – The gods rule Inferra justly. The Golden Age of peace ensues.

0DR – The gods abandon the mortal plane and ascend to a higher existence. The gods name the Five Families as the ones who will rule in their stead.

0DR – In the wake of the gods’ departure there is much chaos. The Five Families quarrel over who will rule. Nations rise and fall in the span of decades. War rages across the land. Much of the progress made during the golden age is lost. The Red Age begins.

171DR – The Dominion is established, with the Five Families chosen by the gods in charge. The Red Age ends.

173DR – Osylyth, which will become the City of Bone, is established.

179DR – Adventurers begin to explore the ruins and dungeons left over from the Golden Age.

184DR – The last known lich is killed.

190DR – A dragon razes several settlements. The Dominion offers a bounty for dragon pelts.

193DR – The Qorio Larazeen Memorial College of Natural and Elemental Arcana is founded in the Shining City.

198DR – Lyryk, which will become the City of Chains, is established.

c200DR – The Age of Heroes begins.

200DR – The Dominion makes contact with the Eladrin Protectorate.

214DR – The last known dragon is slain. Later the same year, Gygyla, which will become the City of Ice is established.

c250DR – The last known were-creature is killed. Lycanthropy is effectively eradicated as a disease, though those descended from the last were-creatures still carry a non-tramittable form.

277DR – The Dominion Archaeological Society is established to unearth and study the relics of the Golden Age. Many adventurers join with the promise of danger and riches.

c300DR – Most of the ruins of the Golden Age have been explored and cleared out. Adventuring as a profession is no longer profitable, signalling the end of the Age of Heroes.

372DR – A horde of orc raiders assault the City of Chains, but are unable to capture it.

398DR – Azalusof the Dragon God raises an army in the Salt Flats and somehow destroys the City of Chains. Not long after, the Shining City is swallowed by the Sea of Calamity, killing all within the city – including the heads of the Five Families, who had gathered for the Governance.

399DR – An army of free Dragonborn and their allied Goblin Kin are spotted marshalling at what is now the Crater of Chains. A force is hastily assembled by the Kyriel to meet it. Battle lines are drawn up and an extended stalemate begins.

400DR – In the wake of the chaos of the loss of the Governance, the wilderness begins to encroach on the once-peaceful Dominion interior. Adventurers are once more sought out as mercenaries and soldiers. The Age of Steel begins.

402DR – The Corsairs of the Cog are first spotted off the coast of Osyleth.

403DR – Ignatius of the Llyria hires a band of adventurers to see him safely south.


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